painter, sound artist

Alexei Biryukoff

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Thanks to the support of many people and my own stubborness, being an artist has been a full time journey for over 20 years. In the face of the pandemic, opportunities to show work live are at an all-time low. So my husband persuaded me to start this "support the artist" page and this is how we landed here.

I don't want this to sound like another "click bait pitch sale" we see everywhere nowaydays. I would rather prefer to build a circle of friends and art lovers, who truly appreciate what I do and would like to support me, people who I would like to meet and talk to and offer them something they value and can afford. You will be will be invited to join my private Facebook group, where you will get Exclusive Preview of my latest work before I post it in the public domain. Also pictures videos and live streams of my process and works in progress. All my patrons get special rates on commisioned work.


One time donation of any amount. Buy me a coffee or a brush or invest a bigger sum towards the big goals.


Every month Patrons of this tier will get high resolution wall-papers of one of my works.


In addition to everything from the previous tiers, a full year subscription will get you a limited edition lino-cut art print.

About What I Do

My first figurative show in 2004 - Naked Loneliness was closed down by the local officials of Barnaul, Russia - because of the penises in the paintings. Which would have been devastating, but it created much more exposure and reached a lot more people worldwide.

The shut down also inspired me to continue working with male nude subject matter, not because i am gay, but because of the stereotypes that surround naked human body. Male nudity in art and in today's culture in general is a taboo subject. Even the old masters nowadays get censored from time to time. Although we don't seem to have an issue with female nudity in movies, music videos and even prime time commercials. With no disrespect to our beautiful ladies, i took upon myself covering the underrepresented subject.

Another stereotype is the standards of the mainstream beauty. This is why my subjects are average Joes, older and meatier than the commercially promoted gym god type. At some point someone called my art "anti-glamorous"… It’s not like I am trying to scare you with my paintings of naturally aging men, if anything I am trying to show the beauty I see in my models, being just the way they are. With that said, I don't want to sound like I am riding the popular "body positivity" trend - although it makes me happy that it is happening, but I did this way before it was cool and still staying true to it almost 20 years later.


My immediate goal is to get an affordable studio/show space big enough to do photo-shoots of my models, and to hold private viewings of my work. Right now I am working out of our garage that we remodeled into a studio, but it can't handle the large scale work I used to do. The long term goal and a dream of mine - is to have a show space where I could show not only my work, but create a safe platform for other figurative artists that struggle to find a gallery because of their subject matter. This is going to be a retreat for the artists who are willing to take risks, and the art lovers who support them.

By subscribing you will help me move forward with this work, and hopefully bring about some positive change in the way we view life and ourselves.
Thanks in advance for your support and hope you will have fun joining me on this journey. Alexei