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Alexei Biryukoff

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sound art

originally i started making music for my multimedia projects, but very soon i generated more material than i could possibly fit in my "regular" art shows... over the last decade i have released over a dozen albums on various net labels under the names "Muhmood" and "Druid Moss". Most of my sound work can be downloaded for free in mp3 format.

My music is a mixture of field recordings with various instruments and post production manipulations, ranging from heavy guitar riffs to drone, dark ambient soundscapes and vocal arrangements. Muhmood has done a few collaborations with other artists, spoken word and video projects.

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Somebody described my work as “non-glamorous”, meaning that I am not trying to portray a Greek god type from a magazine cover. Personally I find my models glorious just the way they are. In a way, that is what a true nude is about exposing a naked ordinary person, not masked by a gym built façade, telling its unique story by showing the marks, scars, wrinkles, and spare tire that are the land marks of its journey.


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