thank you

we thank:
all the people who supported us before and after the show was closed, we received loads and loads of messages from around the world, and about 90% of them were supporting our project! we hope you will understand that we could not reply all of them, but we do thank you all.

we thank our enemies: Mr.Parshkov and 
Mrs.Istomina and the artcritics that assisted them. 
probably this sencorship was the best thing that could happen to us, because we could only dream about such wide exposure. we were trying to bring the Naked Loneliness to London this summer, but nothing worked out so far, we hope it is still yet to happen.

Also:Misha Biryukoff, Alexei Nechepurenko, Ivan Govoruhin, Open Sky: Olga Petrovna Staroverova, Lena Rubleva and Tatyana Borisovna
Also: Oleg Yahnin, Larisa Pastushkova, 5nizza, Rock'n'roll Cafe, David Lynch, Jenny Saville, Lucian Freud, RHCP, Mark Rothko, Marina Bogdanova and Egor the cameraman. Barnaul College of Music, Tatyana Ivanovna, Kiryll, Lena Medvedeva and other Girsl from the State Museum, Korchuganov and Mailyan, Ksenia, Nikolai the carpenter, the city of St.Petersburg and to the wonderful people living there.

dmitriy tanks:
Mom for criticizm and support, Kutz S.F. Serega-Kolyan-Yaurov, Smirnova S.K., Chanov, WWW.
alexei thanks:
parents, God, Stephen Curry, SF, Ksenia and Oxygen for love, Starkova Lena, my brother, Diman, Aladinskiy, Alik, Eugene, Sveta Balzhatova, DFL> KGB> CIA> MIB> NBA> UK> USSR!!!>LA, and the rest of the english alphabet;
Twin Peaks, Alber Marquet and the Hermitage, Lohn Lennon, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin!

Christopher Flanagan, Kabakov, Ernest Hemingway,Igor and Max Cavalera, Andreas Kisser, Mulholland Drive, Lovis Corinth and all German Expressionists,



alexei biryukoff