From the very beginning the performance was planned to be interactive, that is happening right amongst the spectators, where the spectators become the participants. The performance is divided into two parts - two separate days.

Day One
People are invited into the show room where they find a man sitting on a chair with a paper box covering his head. Satying blindfolded that way he is performing some monotonous actions (in our case he was making paper jets and threw tem into the crowd).The walls are covered with paper curtains, that hide the paintngs on the walls, so that people canot see them from the beginning.
Gradually, one by one four characters enter the space, who are going to get acquainted with the spectators and with each other, while roaming around. Later on, they bring in some parts of the installations (broken piano, paper boxes, metal and card board tubes), beging to put them together, and  the present people are involved in building this object.
By the time the object is done the process flows into a general dancing celebration of the event. Meanwhile the remains of the paper curtains are totally removed and the paintings become visible.

Day Two
On the Day Two (which happened in a week) the people came to find out that the charecters have grown wings and the object turns out to be a musical instrument. This time the performers try to learn to play this instrument, taking turns till they finally begin to fight each other and break the instrument.
Right then the mysterious man with the box on his head stands up, unblindfolds himself and approaches the broken object. There he gets one of the parts of the former instrument and brings it away out of the showspace.
The four performers turn into panic and destroy the remains of the instrument, scattering its parts alla round the showspace.
Thus they return to where they started from.

After the performance an auction was held, where some pieces of the installations were sold.

The performance was accompanied by the soundtrack Naked Loneliness, that was recorded specially for this event. 

alexei biryukoff